Motorcycle Accidents Cause Serious Injuries

A motorcycle accident is worlds away from the typical fender-bender. The severity of injuries in even a moderate motorcycle collision tends to be much more significant than in a crash involving two automobiles. While other accidents may result in a few visits to the doctor's office and some vehicle repair work, many motorcycle accidents require surgery and physical therapy, leave lifelong scars and result in weeks or even months of missed work.

You Need An Experienced Motorcyle Accident Lawyer To Help Maximize Your Compensation

There is almost always finger pointing in motorcycle crash cases. The driver who was truly responsible will blame the victim, saying that the motorcycle rider was being unsafe. Witnesses may even claim that the motorcycle rider was speeding. The unfortunate reality is that non-motorcyclists often perceive motorcyclists as riding dangerously, even when motorcyclists are following every law in the book.

Attorney Chris L. Knight of Knight Law Firm has more than 25 years of experience representing injured motorcycle riders in Tulsa and throughout northeast Oklahoma. He knows that these cases require serious investigation. When appropriate, he will bring in accident reconstruction experts who can show that, regardless of what the negligent driver or witnesses may say, the motorcycle rider was riding with care.

Former Insurance Defense Lawyer Helping Motorcycle Crash Victims

As a former insurance defense lawyer, Chris L. Knight knows his opponents well. He knows what they look for. He knows the factors that enhance and diminish the value of claims. When he builds a case, he does so knowing that, if negotiation does not result in the desired settlement, the case may need to go to trial to maximize compensation.

Chris L. Knight has established a record of collecting multi-millions of dollars for victims involved in motorcycle collisions that led to head injuries, neck injuries, road rash, permanent scarring and other serious injuries. Let him help you get the results you need.

Free Consultations About Motorcycle Wreck Claims

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