Dealing With Insurance

Expert Guidance Dealing With Insurance

On Your Side for Your Insurance Claims 

When you are dealing with personal injury claims, working with the insurance companies involved is no simple matter. You need an advocate to level the playing field, and nobody knows more about dealing with an insurance company than a former insurance defense lawyer.

Prior to opening Knight Law Firm in Tulsa in 1989, attorney Chris L. Knight worked for numerous major insurance companies as an insurance defense attorney. Now, he uses his insider information for the benefit of people like you, people who have suffered serious injuries in car, motorcycle, or truck accidents.

Helping Maximize Your Rightful Compensation

If you receive a quick settlement offer from the insurance company, bring it to Knight Law Firm where we will:
  • Give you a FREE consultation
  • Review your settlement offer and explain why it may be insufficient
  • Build a case to help you get all the money you need to cover every single cost that you will incur 

Your Advocate Against the Insurance Company

Chris L. Knight learned the methods that were most effective against an insurance company, including the factors that can enhance the settlement offers. Let his experience work for you by calling 918-496-1200 today.

initial consultation. Call 918-496-1200.
 Be aware that once you sign on the dotted line on a settlement, there is no going back for more. If the settlement money runs out, you will be paying for medical bills and more out of your own pocket.
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