Get Compensation For A Serious Injury

Attorney Chris L. Knight of Knight Law Firm has dedicated the last 25-plus years of his career to getting compensation for people who have suffered serious injuries in auto accidents. In the process, he has recovered many awards in excess of a million dollars for victims of negligence in Tulsa and throughout northeast Oklahoma. He is ready to help you.

Has A Severe Injury Changed Your Life?

Did you suffer an injury that requires herniated disk surgery, abdominal surgery or any other type of surgery? Will you need to go through physical therapy? Are you expected to miss weeks or even months of work, if you're able to return to work at all? Do you have scars from the motor vehicle accident that will never completely go away? These are all signs of a serious personal injury that will require the attention of a reputable and experienced lawyer.

Having worked in the area of insurance defense prior to becoming an advocate for injured victims, Chris L. Knight knows how to navigate the compensation claim system and ensure that you are always provided for. Most importantly, his years of experience have given him an understanding of the personal toll that serious injuries take on his clients.

When the usual routines of life are interrupted or changed forever, he can ensure that getting fair compensation doesn't become an additional burden.

Types Of Catastrophic Injuries

Chris L. Knight can handle all serious injuries that require substantial medical care, including:

Do Not Accept The Insurance Company's Settlement Offer

Be aware that, if it hasn't already, the insurance company may offer you a settlement. On the surface, it may seem appropriate. Unfortunately, when you look closely and consider all the costs you are going to be faced with, the settlement offer may not be fair at all.

Chris L. Knight will be happy to review the offer and educate you about how much money you really deserve. You will need money to cover all future surgeries, physical therapy, possibly wheelchairs and prosthetics, and perhaps more. He can then help you get maximum compensation so you are not left struggling financially after suffering a life-changing injury.

A Lawyer Will Evaluate Your Case For Free

In a free consultation, you will learn more about your rights and the forms of compensation you may be entitled to in a serious injury claim. Chris L. Knight can be reached through an online contact form or by calling 918-894-5868.