Need Help After An Auto Accident Injury?

If you have been hurt in a motor vehicle accident, you have immediate needs. You need medical treatment. You need money to cover lost wages. You need a new car or a rental.

Unfortunately, you may find that the insurance company is not interested in moving quickly to address your needs. In fact, it may seem as though the insurance company is not interested in helping at all. Perhaps the insurance company will offer a small settlement that doesn't come close to covering your costs, but you do not need to accept it.

An Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer & Auto Accident Attorney Can See That Your Needs Are Met

You don't need approval to see a doctor, and you don't need to wait on the insurance company to resolve your property damage claims. Knight Law Firm in Tulsa can help you get the prompt resolution you need after a car crash, motorcycle crash or truck wreck.

Attorney Chris L. Knight has been helping people throughout northeast Oklahoma for more than 25 years. He will move quickly to meet your immediate needs, while building a strong case as your personal injury lawyer to make certain you get all the compensation you deserve.

Before starting his personal injury practice, Chris L. Knight worked in the insurance defense industry. His experience on the other side of the process gives him valuable insight into the factors that can enhance or diminish the settlement offers from insurance companies.

Start Your Personal Injury Case With A Free Consultation

Your bills are piling up. You've been concerned about your finances since the auto accident, and you don't think you have money to spend on a lawyer. Thankfully, Chris L. Knight offers free initial consultations, and you won't owe anything until you collect your settlement money.

To help ensure you're able to receive the legal counsel you need, Chris L. Knight's office is easily accessible — just one mile down the road from Promenade Mall with abundant free parking. Schedule your free consultation by email or by calling 918-894-5868.